Egyptian Sandstone Silver Tribal Raven Bracelet

Egyptian Sandstone Silver Tribal Raven Bracelet

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Description: Egyptian Gold Flecked Sand Stone (10 mm) with Turquiose Howlite (6 x 8 mm) healing gemstones featuring a silver Tribal Raven (18 mm) with silver finish bead (10 mm). All bracelets are made using a very strong Areo Tech Elastic for easy slide on and for comfort when wearing multiple bracelets (stacking).

Size: Med. fits most wrists (sizes 6.75" to 7.75" wrists). Other sizes available by request.

NOTE:  When made for men, this powerful unisex bracelet substitutes Black Lava for the Turquoise Howlite if requested. 

Sandstone Healing Benefits: Sandstone helps to reduce stomach tension and benefits arthritic conditions. It is helpful to bones, painful joints and circulation. 

Raven Symbol:  Countless cultures point to the raven as a harbinger of powerful secrets. Moreover, the raven is a messenger too, so its business is in both keeping and communicating deep mysteries. 

Sandstone Keywords: Vitality, courage, ambition 
Chakras: Sacral and throat
Sandstone Affirmation: I possess the courage to live my dreams.