Amethyst Whale Tail Bracelet

Amethyst Whale Tail Bracelet

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Is there an Aquarian or a Piscean who you are shopping for this month? Fabulous amethyst is not only the birthstone for February, but it is also the "Stone of Transition" -- aiding you in your passage through physical, emotional, and psychological pain. Supportive amethyst encourages spiritual wisdom while purifying your aura to promote Love and Balance. ❤️

Description: From our "Save the World" Series Jewelry line .Natural 8 mm Amethyst healing gemstones featuring a silver Whale's Tail charm.All bracelets are made using a very strong Areo Tech Elastic for easy slide on and for comfort when wearing multiple bracelets (stacking).

Size: Med. fits most wrists (sizes 6.75" to 7.75" wrists). Other sizes available by request.

Amethyst Healing Benefits: Physical, emotional and psychological pain; decision making; geopathic stress; anger; rage; anxiety; grief; neural transmission; immune system; addiction; lungs; hormone production; endocrine system; dreams

Whale Symbol: Whales are associated with compassion and solitude, and with knowledge of both life and death. They are also associated with unbridled creativity. The exhalation through the blowhole symbolizes the freeing of your creative energy.

Amethyst Keywords: Protection, wisdom, purification, Divine connection 
Chakras: Third Eye (6), Crown (7), Etheric (8 and above) 
Amethyst Affirmation:  I am purified, uplifted and protected through my connection to the Divine.