UpCycled Beach Glass

This collection has an inspiring story! Old glass treasured pieces found on the sandy shores of North Beach, Sandbanks and secret beach in Prince Edward County over the past 8 yrs of hiking with my terriers. After amassing a decent collection of pieces of vintage Cannery jars, old Telephone-line insulators (blues, green and clear thicker pieces), various vintage medicine bottles, Molson and Heineken bottles, and clear glass, they were sent to a friend in Ghana from the Krobo tribe. Sebastian's tribe have been crushing glass and remelting into glass beads for 100’s of years. He asked if Lake Ontario was sacred. To some, Yes, it most definitely Is!

Shown here designed with using the natural grounding healing stone of Black Lava and highlighted with silver beads, Turtles 🐢( which are highly cherished and protected here in PEC ) and many other rare stones, beads and symbols as I have collected for well over 40 years!

We have recently added single glass bead necklaces to our collection. See photos. These 18’ necklaces come in silver or gold and are made of surgical Stainless Steel 1.5 mm chain and hypoallergenic. Perfect to wear year round and stacked with other necklaces! And a  Perfect Gift for those loved ones missing the peace and beauty of our PEC beaches 🌊

The necklaces and bracelets are perfect gifts for all Prince Edward County and Lake Ontario beach lovers. Our bracelets are custom sized and designed for both men and women. Custom orders, designs and sizing are always available from All our Jewelry collections so pass the word and add to your Christmas gifting list 😉

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