Bone Howlite Mini Silver Buddhas in Carved Turquoise Bracelet

Bone Howlite Mini Silver Buddhas in Carved Turquoise Bracelet

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Description: Natural 8 mm Bone Howlite healing gemstones with mini silver Buddhas in carved Turquoise. All bracelets are made using a very strong Areo Tech Elastic for easy slide on and for comfort when wearing multiple bracelets (stacking).

Size: Med. fits most wrists (sizes 6.75" to 7.75" wrists). Other sizes available by request.

Howlite Healing Benefits: Turbulent emotions; rage; patience; selfishness; positive character traits; memory; insomnia; calcium levels; teeth, bone and soft tissue

Buddha In Turquoise Symbol: You need not consider yourself a Buddhist to benefit from the nearness of a likeness of The Buddha.  Even a glimpse of the sublime Buddha, with his eyes gently closed and his face serenely composed, can provide you with inspiration to deepen your own practice of inner peace. The addition of turquoise further encourages you to seek inner peace through spiritual growth.

Howlite Keywords: Calm, patience, accessing past lives
Howlite Affirmation: I am calm, compassionate and open to messages from my past lives.